The SRT Team


Professor David Fowler

David Fowler is a Clinical and Research Psychologist who has been involved in a program of research on the development and evaluation of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for psychosis for over 25 years.

Professor Paul French

Paul French is currently the Clinical Lead for Early Intervention in Psychosis services across Greater Manchester...

Dr Jo Hodgekins

Jo Hodgekins is a Clinical Psychologist and Clinical Senior Lecturer at Norwich Medical School at The University of East Anglia...

The team

Talking about my interests and kind of things that I used to do, or would have done, or would like to do

Actually, it’s not that unobtainable, you can do it - and once you do it, you feel really good

Now I can see myself being successful, I can see myself being happy, going on adventures

Since the therapy I’ve been on a training course with other people I don’t know in a place I don’t know

So we went to a supermarket to do an experiment, and that really helped because people just carried on as normal; no-one really noticed