CBT to address and prevent social disability in early and emerging psychosis

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David Fowler, Paul French, Jo Hodgekins, Rebecca Lower, Ruth Turner, Simon Burton, and Jon Wilson



This chapter contains sections titled:

  • The Problem
  • Specific Characteristics of a Multisystemic Cognitive Behavioural Approach: The Need to Weave in Systemic and Assertive Case Management Practice in Delivering CBT to Promote Social Recovery
  • Research Evidence
  • Future and Ongoing Trials
  • Time Use as the Primary Outcome
  • A Cognitive Behavioural Model of Social Disability in Psychosis as Avoidance
  • Social Recovery Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (SRCBT)
  • Assessment and Formulation of an Individual’s Problems
  • Behavioural Strategies
  • Problems Associated with Depression
  • Managing Emotions, Intrusions, and Psychotic Experiences while Undertaking Activity
  • Assessment and Management of Social Anxiety
  • Problems with Paranoia, Voices and Anomalous Experiences
  • Conclusion
  • References